400 GPD Commercial Water Purifier R.O. System

The Commercial 400 GPD R.O. System is a high-performance water treatment system designed for commercial use. With a capacity of 400 gallons per day, this system delivers a continuous supply of clean and safe drinking water to businesses and industries. The system uses advanced Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) technology to remove impurities and contaminants from water, including sediment, chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances.

It is equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems that allow for easy operation and maintenance. With its high-quality components and advanced filtration technology, the Commercial 400 GPD R.O. System is a reliable and cost-effective solution for businesses and industries that require a consistent and high-capacity supply of clean and safe drinking water.

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400 GPD Commercial Water Purifier R.O. System Description


  • Model: RO-400GPD
  • Specification
  • 5 Stage 400 GPD Commercial RO Drinking water filter
  • Production capacity : 400 gallons per day / 1400 liter per day
  • Type : 20″ Filter housing
  • 1st Stage : 20″ PP 5 micron filter, White filter housing
  • 2nd Stage : 20″ GAC carbon filter, White filter housing
  • 3rd Stage : 20″ CTO carbon Block Filter, White Filter Housing
  • 4th Stage : RO membrane 100GPD x 4 pcs
  • 5th Stage : 12″ in-line post carbon cartridge
  • Filter Housing : Double O-ring filter housing
  • Booster Pump : 110V or 220V with Transformer x4
  • Fittings type : Jaco fitting or Quick fitting
  • Bracket : Stand type
  • Standard equipment: Brass body Solenoid valve, High-pressure switch, Low-pressure switch
    1/4 & 3/8 inch LLDPE tubing for system connection, Feed water connector, ball valve
  • Operating pressure : 0-125 PSI
  • Dimensions : (L)44 x (W)38 x (H)85 cm


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