Home RO System

Home water filter systems are one of the most demanding water filters in Dubai. Home water filter systems can be used for all types of homes, schools, restaurants, offices, etc. One of the best parts about this system is to choose water filter cartridges as per row of water available. In this water filter, more than 20 types of cartridges can be used which are available in Dubai.

All Aqua filter products are tested and certified/approved by popular laboratories in the world. The Home water filter system is capable of removing all types of iron particles, rust, etc., and supply 99.99% pure water without damaging good mineral in the water.

A Home water filter system is available in Dubai as well as other states of the UAE. In case of any expert suggestions or product details feel free to contact us on below contact numbers.

Aqua Max FIlter is an IOS-certified company that Offers Home RO water purifier Systems & drinking water filter suppliers and solutions for homes in UAE Dubai

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