PET Pleated Water Filter Cartridge

Pet Pleated Water Filter Cartridges are made of reusable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) nonwovens which are pleated around a polypropylene core for reinforced strength and the ends are immersed in a thermal-setting vinyl palstisol allowing for several uses. The pleated design provides high flow rates and dirt-holding capacity while maintaining extremely low-pressure drop. Our standard 10”, 20, cartridges contain six square feet of media, whereas most cartridges contain 4.5 square feet. The media has chemical and bacteria resistance making these cartridges suitable for most light industrial and well water applications.

Media: Polyester (PET)
Cartridge Dimensions: Approx. 10″, 20”,30”. 40”
Micron: 03,01,05,10,20,25,30,50 Micron

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Excellent chemical compatibility.
Suitable for filtering
organic solvents, acid bases.
Pleated design increased the filtration area.
Low pressure drop, long service life
Full range of removal ratings


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